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Glohir / Feb 12, 2013
Hello everyone,

Last couple weeks didn't go as we intended and hoped it would go.
We didn't do many raids and we are aware of that problem, part of it is my fault since I wasn't online that much lately.. part of it was because we didn't get as many people joining our kinship as we hoped.

That's why I made this poll where you can vote for what you think is best to do.
I for one can understand if you want to leave, because you want to do more raids and we didn't provide that so far. But if you want to go for that choice, you can also choose for our alliance.

Our alliance was really sucessfull and because of the alliance we made this kinship, but it all didn't work out as actually planned..

Please put your vote as soon as possible so we can see what we gonna do.
Thank you.



I don't think that is your fault or any1 for not playing raids.I think we all waiting for new raids to come or at least i do.
yea that's true, BG takes too long and doesn't give anything nice..
And yes I think we can manage to do the new raids on T2, but we just need more people and it's really frustrating if we can't get new people.
yea i know,but for last raid we had 16 peoples online,but two left so we are at 14 atm and yea we need more people because of that

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