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Rising Glory
Rising Glory is a group of friends who love to do endgame raiding, PvP, and also help eachother out with all kinds of things like instances, crafts or deeds.

We find it important to be a kinship where everyone is accepted in the group and nobody is feeling alone. our officers and kinsmen are always ready to help eachother out with anything.


We are currently looking for several classes, look to the left of our site, and see if you fit one of those.

Glohir / Feb 19, 2013
With much regret I need to make the announcement that RisingGlory will be inactive from now.

This means if you want to leave you can leave and look for another kinship,

to all members of risingglory *we got an alliance chat feel free to join that chat because that's how this kin started and it got some really nice people in it!! (please tell one of us to get the chat's name.)

If you are inactive yourself or don't look for real PvE raids feel free to stay in this kinship.

thank you everyone!